Danica Patrick Likes Spray Tanning

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Danica Patrick Likes Spray Tanning

Apparently, Danica Patrick will come running from far away for a good spray tanning session. This is a commercial Danica created with GoDaddy that will air during the Super Bowl in February. There was some speculation as to what this commercial was going to be, because photographers captured Danica with big muscles on set while they were filming the commercial in December. I thought the commercial might have her entering the world of bodybuilding. Instead, it looks like she just likes a good spray tanning. The commercial promotes GoDaddy’s new Get Found feature. It helps people find your business’ web site online. Selena’s Spray Tanning business used Get Found, and now muscled-up men and female race car drivers are sprinting to her business.

It’s clear from this spray tanning commercial that GoDaddy is trying to move away from their risqué commercials from prior years. This is a strange commercial for a couple of reasons though. They draw on Danica Patrick’s celebrity, but there aren’t many shots of her in the commercial. She seems underused. She’s also an attractive woman, but doing her up in that big muscle suit is a very unflattering look. You almost want to turn away at the sight of it. It’s like she took whatever the Incredible Hulk took to make him so big. Certainly they wouldn’t bring Danica to the set, dress her up like that, pay her, and then only use her for a few seconds in the commercial. There has to be more of these spray tanning commercials on the way. Check it out below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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