Danica Patrick with Huge Muscles Filming Super Bowl Commercial

by • December 19, 2013 • Entertainment, Health & Sports, VideosComments (2)

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Maybe Danica needs to consider laying off of the weight lifting for a little while. By the looks of her bulky physique caught in this video, she’s definitely built some serious musculature. And it was just a few days ago that her body was lean and feminine dressed up as a showgirl at the American Country Awards. Here she’s looking decidedly less feminine. And are those cankles? Nice socks by the way.

As it turns out, Danica is just wearing a muscle suit for a commercial that will run during the Super Bowl. No word on what kind of Super Bowl commercial this will be, but it might be fun to speculate. Given the lime green and black coloring and the fact that they’re her sponsor, it’s most likely a GoDaddy commercial. Let’s see. She’s being chased by a bunch of big, bodybuilder-type guys. Maybe the idea is that she’s invading the world of men’s bodybuilding once she gets done with NASCAR? Just a guess. I’d rather see her get into pro wrestling though. We’ll have to wait until the Super Bowl to find out what’s up.

Check out the onset video of Danica filming her muscular GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial. She looks better with the leaner look, right? Enjoy and ‘Share’

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