Creation and Motorcycles: The Glint

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Creation and Motorcycles The Glint

Could a two minute short film about creation and motorcycles get any manlier than this? And we’re not talking about the modern day, juvenile form of manliness. This is that old school manliness that seems to be missing these days. It’s quieter, more self assured. This video is a short film entitled “The Glint.” It was directed and edited by Mathieu Maury and was created for Guillaume Drapier, the Founder of Comete Motocycles, a French motorcycle company. The video describes a light inside each person that drives that person to create. It’s an energy that sparks ideas and keeps us from giving up. That could be a very cheesy premise, but the video handles it very well. The message is strong but subtle.

The video argues that the light that sparks an idea and feeds our dreams is the same that puts a glint in our eye. That’s heavy stuff, but the video doesn’t stop there. The film argues that the light to create is the only way to immortality, because your creation, a custom motorcycle, for instance, can live on well after you’re gone. That’s not an original idea in itself, but the video does end with a create-or-die message that you don’t hear very often. Plus there are some awesome shots of a classically-styled motorcycle. Watch the video below. Enjoy and ‘Share’

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