Crazy Woman Tries to Tackle Fans at Football Game

by • January 4, 2014 • Health & Sports, VideosComments (0)

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We propose that the woman featured in this video should be voted least ladylike guest at the Sugar Bowl, and perhaps, the entire state of Louisiana. This is a video filmed during college football’s Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome on Thursday night. The game featured the football teams of the University of Oklahoma and the University of Alabama. Underdog Oklahoma ended up winning the football game, which must have been a shock to this female Alabama fan. She gets into a verbal confrontation with the nearby Oklahoma fans and decides to leave her seat and continue the discussion a little closer to her adversaries. As you’ll see, she takes her football very seriously, and she quickly decides to escalate the situation and use her body as a projectile.

I can’t tell if the guy holding this rabid football fan back is her boyfriend, but if you had a girlfriend act like this at a football game, how would you react? Would you keep trying to hold her back and begging her to stop, or would you let her jump right in and face whatever consequences were awaiting her? It’s almost as if she’s acting this way because she knows her boyfriend and the other male fans are going to let her get away with it. This is some seriously intense behavior for a college football game. Check it out for yourself in the video above. What would you do if you were there? Would you give this female football fan what she had coming? If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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