College Students Act Like Complete Jerks in the Snow

by • December 8, 2013 • Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (3)

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college students act like complete jerks in the snow

If this doesn’t make you mad, what will? This is a video of college students that was filmed Saturday at the University of Oregon. I’ll have to warn you that the complete lack of respect shown to other human beings by these college students is sickening. Apparently the Oregon football team arranged a snowball fight to take place at an open area on the college campus. Tons of college students attended, and although it started out civil, the situation escalated a few hours later. The video below shows Oregon students stopping a car that was trying to travel through campus. The students pelt the car with snow and refuse to let the driver pass through. Another idiot comes up and throws a bucket of snow into the car. The driver gets out of the car, only to have more snow thrown at him. The driver is a retired University of Oregon professor. We’ve all heard stories of college students getting rowdy and out of hand when large groups gather on campus. Many times, those gatherings had to do with something the college students cared deeply about, a political or social issue. You know, something important. The jerks in this video had no high-minded ideals in mind here. They were just being unsocial for the hell of it.

Since this video went viral, many people have commented that the instigators are University of Oregon college football players. I don’t know if that’s true. This is definitely something the college administration and police should look into though. This type of behavior really has no place in society, and the sooner these jerks learn that, the better. If it turns out that it was football players, the NCAA should take disciplinary action if the University’s Athletic Association is unwilling to. Watch it below and let us know what you think. ‘Share’ with friends.

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