Classic Muscle Car: Custom ’73 Barracuda

by • December 11, 2013 • Cars & Rides, VideosComments (1)

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How can an iconic muscle car like the Plymouth Barracuda be improved upon? The man in this video, Regan Keith, has a few ideas. He’s owned his 1973 ‘Cuda for over 33 years, although he’s not exactly sure what year he bought it. He’s not a Chrysler purist, so he’s added his own special touches to his car over the years. His goal has to been to keep the car a Barracuda and at the same time make it his Barracuda. Keith has tried to walk a fine line between making his car different from any other Barracuda you’ll see and getting too outrageous. The car’s paint is a color he picked off of a motorcycle over two decades ago, and there’s probably not another Barracuda in existence that’s painted in the same color. He’s got 10-inch wheels in the back and 8-inchers in the front. The back tires are 265/50×15, which he settled on after a little experimentation. Though they’re probably a little too wide, he finds that these tires give the car the aggressive “set” that he’s looking for.

One of the things that’s striking about this video is that when Keith talks about his Barracuda, you really got a strong impression of how much he loves this car. There’s just a certain energy he gives off when he talks about it. I don’t thinks he’s kidding one bit when he says he wants to be buried in this car. Get to know Regan Keith and his custom Barracuda below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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