This Cheeseburger Has Great Buns

by • December 6, 2013 • Humor, Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (5)

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This Cheeseburger Has Great Buns

Can you think of a more manly food than the classic cheeseburger? A few foods are up there. Ribs are pretty manly. Steak cooked rare is as well, but the cheeseburger certainly has its place amongst the manliest of foods. That’s why most of the serious cheeseburger joints seem like Old Boys clubs. Sure, McDonald’s sells cheeseburgers, and so do a few of the other joints, but those places also sell things like lattes and parfaits, and they’re always trying to sell you on how health-conscious they are now. For an uncompromising cheeseburger, you have to go elsewhere, and few burger joints are as uncompromisingly pro-cheeseburger as Hardee’s.

There’s little doubt that Hardee’s knows exactly who its customer base is: big men with big appetites who like big, tasty cheeseburgers. For years, that was enough, but smaller, regional competitors are springing up around the country and serving better quality cheeseburger ingredients at not too great of a price premium. That means its time for Hardees to step up its game. They’ve countered by offering “fresh baked” buns in their Thickburgers. And as you’ll see, they’ve also decided to make their commercials a little more visually appealing for their customers. Can you count the double entendres used in the great buns commercial below? If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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