Car After Car Manhandled by Icy Road

by • December 10, 2013 • Cars & Rides, Humor, VideosComments (1)

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car after car manhandled by icy road

Have you ever tried to drive your car down an icy road? If you have, you know how bad of an idea this is, unless of course you have some sort of special tires on your car that will allow you better traction on the ice. But to try to take your regular two-wheel drive compact car with its bald tires out on the ice is just asking for trouble. That doesn’t stop the people in this video from trying though. Some lessons you just have to learn the hard way. Unfortunately, when those lessons involve your car, they’re expensive lessons to learn.

It seems that the cold weather, snow and ice we’ve been getting the last few weeks is causing folks to make some bad decisions. You have these knucklehead college students in Oregon refusing to let a car pass through their snowy campus. And you’ve got the people in this video refusing to acknowledge the weather and just park their cars and explore other options. What do you suppose happens when a car is moving forward down a hill and encounters a sheet of ice on the road? If you said that the car would be able to break and come to a stop, scold yourself now. We’re all reasonably, intelligent people here, so of course we know what happens. It doesn’t make watching it happen to others any less humorous though, so check out the video below of drivers trying to make it past an icy road in their car. Someone set up their camera and filmed the automotive madness taking place outside of her home. It’s crazy how many cars this stretch of road claims. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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