Business Owner Tries to Burn Down Rival Bar

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Business Owner Tries to Burn Down Rival Bar

This is probably not the best way for a business owner to make friends with his neighbors. Here is a bizarre story from WDSU news out of New Orleans. According to police, a business owner who owns a popular bar in Uptown New Orleans called Carrollton Station was caught on surveillance camera attempting to set fire to a neighboring bar. But that’s not all. Apparently, the flame-happy business owner, Mike Miller, used an earwax candle in his arson attempt. Then he posted a picture to Facebook of the earwax candle dangling out of his ear. In the Facebook picture, he’s wearing the same shirt that was worn in the surveillance video. There has to be some sort of reasonable explanation for all of this, right?

According to Miller, this is all just one big misunderstanding. He claims that he had the no intention of burning down the rival bar, Willow, which has only been open for a few months. Miller describes the situation as simply “sorta a bizarre incident gone…poorly.” We’re not sure what that means, but The Willow Bar’s owners are taking the poorly gone bizarre incident seriously. Willow’s owners called the police when they witnessed Miller’s shenanigans on their surveillance tapes. They also accuse neighboring residents and business owners of repeatedly calling the police to Willow in order to drive the new bar out of business. A casual observation would suggest that it’s good business for a bar to have other bars nearby. A good cluster of bars can turn a sleepy street into a nightlife destination, which is good business for everyone. It seems that there’s a lot more to this story. Learn more about this war between rival business owners in the video below. What do you think? Do you believe Miller’s story that this was just a prank, or did he mean to burn down Willow? Enjoy and ‘Share’

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