Breaking Bad’s Alternate Ending

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breaking bad alternate ending

You know, there’s a theory about the Breaking Bad finale that it was all a dream. Remember that scene at the beginning of the last episode of Breaking Bad, when Walt is sitting in the car with the ice-covered windows, and there are police lights behind him reflecting blue and red all around him, and you’re led to believe he’s busted? But then miraculously, the lights pass on by, and the keys to the car fall into Walt’s lap. Walt steals the car and drives back to Albuquerque. The theory is that Walt actually died in that frozen car, and the rest of the episode was actually his vision of how Breaking Bad‘s finale would have gone if Walt had his way. This “dream” theory has been refuted by Breaking Bad‘s creator, Vince Gilligan, but I think it’s interesting to consider, especially since the events of the last episode were particularly improbable, even compared to some of the other fantastic things that took place during other episodes Breaking Bad.

But did you know that is actually an alternate ending to Breaking Bad, and who could have seen this ending coming? That’s right, this alternate ending takes Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays Walt, back to his days as Hal, the goofy father on the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Maybe there is something to that dream theory after all. Watch the alternate ending below. It was filmed as bonus content for the Breaking Bad box set that will be released November 26. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.