Big Trucks Going Wild in the Mud

by • November 29, 2013 • Cars & Rides, VideosComments (4)

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insane mudding trucks

What’s better than getting together with some friends for a day of off-roading in your trucks? Pretty fun stuff for most guys who like trucks, and if you’re going to buy a truck with a big engine and four-wheel drive, you know you’re going to have to see what that thing can do off-roading at some point. But then again, most people’s idea of a day of off-roading in their trucks is a little more tame than what we see here from the jacked-up, roided-up, monster trucks in this video. These trucks don’t just drive through the mud; they tear through it and submerge themselves underneath it. These trucks bathe in the mud. These trucks need mud the way a fish needs water. You can almost imagine these trucks expressing joy at the quenching of their mud thirsts when they plow head on into several feet of muddy puddles. One of these mean trucks even plows into the mud so hard that it ends up losing a wheel! And the other trucks are pretty awesome pieces of machinery themselves. I particularly like the Ford that starts the video for us. Check out these insane mudding trucks below. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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