Big Hit on Receiver During Football Game

by • October 31, 2013 • Health & Sports, VideosComments (4)

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Big Hit on Wide Receiver During Football Game

With all the negative press football has getting recently for causing injuries to players, this is one of those bone-crushing hits that must make executives at NFL offices very uncomfortable. This video was filmed on the sidelines of an Eagles-Raiders game. It’s filmed in kind of a candid camera style, with the cheerleaders in the way for part of the play. Most people, even big-time NFL fans, will never get this close to the action on a professional football field, so it is somewhat jarring to see the impact of this massive hit up close. A Raiders receiver goes up for the ball and gets absolutely destroyed by two Eagles players. You can hear the gasp from the crowd, followed by random cheers and whooing. The football rolls away casually on the turf, and the training staffs immediately rush out to attend to the players.

Since it’s filmed from directly behind the cheerleaders, you can see their reactions. The one on the far left is startled by the hit, and she goes to put her hands over her mouth, but then she stops herself when she notices she’s holding pompoms and instead goes to that “rub the pompoms together” move to release her nervous energy. You can tell the girls are a little uncomfortable when the guys don’t get back up, and they don’t know quite what to do. This is an absolute knockout blow. Check it out in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.