The Best Antidepressant for Guys: Tacos

by • January 6, 2014 • Humor, VideosComments (1)

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the best antidepressant for guys tacos

Why are tacos the best antidepressant for guys? Because they’re the only antidepressant on the market specifically formulated to be freaking delicious! Tacos, known by the antidepressant pharmaceutical name “beef’n cheese-ifil citrate,” are specially designed to instantly boost mood, reduce negative thoughts, and provide a warm feeling of satisfaction, at least according to this comedic parody of an antidepressant commercial from PleatedJeans. Like the best antidepressants, tacos have been clinically proven to help patients move past a broad range of unpleasant life experiences (like ending up on an internet fail video). Sadly, like with other antidepressants and pharmaceuticals in general, tacos can produce a number of unpleasant side effects. It’s best to ask your doctor before beginning an antidepressant taco regimen.

The thing about using tacos as an antidepressant is that it wouldn’t take long to get addicted. It you would be like you need that fix whenever you’re feeling down, and for someone with depression, that could end up meaning a lot of tacos being eaten. And it can’t be more than a temporary relief anyway. It’s easy to imagine someone needing to reach for the tacos several times per day. How many tacos is an effective dose? Two, three, four? I say four tacos plus chips and salsa and cheese dip. Naturally, you’ll want to throw in some soft shell tacos to switch it up. Whether the tacos work to improve your mood or not, one thing is for sure; it won’t be long before your taco-induced obesity problem is overshadowing whatever had you down to begin with. Learn more about the taco wonder drug in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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