BASE Jumping Off a Waterfall in Peru

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BASE jumping off a waterfall in peru

The Gocta Waterfalls is a 2,529 foot waterfall in Chcahapoyas, Peru, the fifteenth tallest waterfall in the world. To get to the pool below the waterfall, you have to take a six hour hike through the rainforest. So what better way to cap off that long hike than to go BASE jumping from the top of the waterfall? In this video, Belgian BASE jumping expert Cedric Dumont takes an incredible jump off the Gocta waterfalls. As you can imagine, the forests around the waterfall are visually breathtaking. The video is worth watching for the view of the surrounding rainforests alone. The fact that someone is jumping off the waterfall makes the video that much more fun to watch.

This BASE jumping trip to the Gocta Waterfall was sponsored by Red Bull. It seems understandable that after a six hour hike you may want to get all hyped on an energy drink before jumping 2,529 feet off of a waterfall. The falls are tall enough that there are clouds hovering around the top of them. Even for a BASE jumping professional like Dumont, there has to be at least a little bit of nervousness before taking the plunge off the top of them. Take a look at the incredible BASE jumping video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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