Arnold in Disguise at Gold’s Gym

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Arnold in Disguise at Golds Gym

Will the people working out at the legendary Gold’s Gym in Venice, California recognize the gym’s most famous alumni? Gold’s Gym and the men who worked out there in the late 1960s helped spark the public interest in bodybuilding. One such bodybuilder who used to frequent the gym is Arnold Schwarzenegger. His workout sessions at the gym in preparation for the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest are documented in the 1977 film Pumping Iron, which is considered to be a classic that broadened the appeal of bodybuilding to a mainstream audience. The bodybuilders who worked out at Gold’s Gym in the ’60s and ’70s are considered to be some of the pioneers of the sport, and no one was a bigger figure in that world than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, those pioneers were good for Gold’s Gym’s business as well; the gym is now located in over 30 countries.

In this video, Arnold visits the modern day Gold’s Gym in Venice while wearing a disguise. The idea is to see if he can trick anyone as to his identity. He’s doing this prank in order to raise money for after-school programs through the After-School All-Stars organization. He may be able to hide his face, but that voice is going to be a little more difficult. If he could change his thick accent and immediately-recognizable speaking style, you have to figure we would have seen that by now. He has a new film coming out in April, Sabotage, and the accent is intact. So how will people at Gold’s Gym react when they realize who they’re talking to? The reactions are priceless. Watch it below. Enjoy and ‘Share’

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