2013′s Best News Bloopers Part 2

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2013s best news bloopers part 2

We’re in the waning hours of 2013, and what a better to send off the year than to take a look back at the year’s funniest news bloopers. This is the second part of this series. We discussed the first part of 2013′s best news bloopers a few days ago. What can we learn from these news bloopers? One thing that is readily apparent is that people no longer have any shame whatsoever of being captured on camera and broadcast on television looking ridiculous. In fact, some people seek out such attention. Take the dreadlocks guy and his buddy in the FOX sports clip with Erin Andrews. It’s hard to tell if he’s on something or if this is just his personality, but he stares into the camera like a crazy person the entire time. Or the guy in the news clip before him who shows up shirtless with something written on him right behind a live news broadcast. Do these people not have jobs they’re worried about losing or family members they’re afraid to embarrass?

One of the classic cases of the news blooper is the Freudian slip, an error in speech that can be interpreted as having occurred due to an unconscious desire or wish. Take for instance the news anchorwoman who introduces herself as Oprah. Who do you imagine she wants to be? It seems that her ambitions are rather transparent. Another is the misguided attempt at humor. Would you consider the weatherman’s attempt at a rap song on the evening news to be a good idea or a bad one? We’ll let you decide, but the way I look at it, at least that sort of thing makes the news a little more interesting. And just wait until you get the news anchor accidentally eating cat vomit at the end of the video. Take a look at part two of 2013′s best TV news bloopers in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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