100 Most Beautiful Female Faces of 2013

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100 Most Beautiful Female Faces 2013

Where did your favorite land on this year’s list of the 100 most beautiful female faces? This is a list created each year by an organization called Independent Critics. For more than 20 years, they’ve published their list of the world’s 100 most beautiful female faces. They take into consideration millions of public comments before finalizing their annual list, but their stated intention is to inform public opinion rather than to reflect it. For this reason, the list includes both well-known celebrities and more obscure women who are not yet household names. Trying to create a list of the world’s 100 most beautiful faces is a daunting task. Indeed, just to be considered for the list, a woman would already need to be somewhat famous, otherwise she wouldn’t be on the list makers’ radar. Even so, it’s nice to see that they’ve refrained from listing only the usual big name actresses or the typical Victoria’s Secret models. I’ve seen women at the local supermarket or at the ball game who I think should be considered, but they’ve done a great job with this year’s list of faces working with women are already in the public’s consciousness.

Before moving into this year’s list, there is a recap of the winners since 1990. Michelle Pfeiffer’s face dominated the early 1990s, winning three out of four years. It’s fun to look back on some of the faces that personified their year or time period. Of this year’s list, the face that struck me most is that of Number 62, Vica Kerekes (pictured above), who is a Slovakian actress. I’d never seen her before, but her face is so unique with it’s defined features and red undertones, covered in freckles and combined with dark eyes. It’s a striking face, for sure. Check out the list below. Are there any beautiful faces that were missed? Which is your favorite? Enjoy and ‘Share’

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  • David Hendrickson

    All the ladies were lovely but I think politics has a lot to do with the choices. I would certainly move the spots around especially the top 10.

  • Bill Poremba

    Absolutely what David H. said. I would move a lot around especially sorry to say your number one pick doesn’t hold anything to Kate Beckinsale!

  • http://huntinggearsup.com Gighatch

    The serenity on the face ! …